ITIL® Foundation – Exam Test – Q294

Which capacity management sub-process focuses on the management, control and prediction of the endto-end performance?

A. Business capacity management
B. Supplier capacity management
C. Service capacity management
D. Component capacity management

Correct Answer: C

ITIL® Foundation – Exam Test – Q293

Which statement about stakeholders is TRUE?

A. Customers, users and suppliers are examples of stakeholders, who may be external to the service provider organization
B. External customers are those who work for the same organization as the IT service provider
C. Internal customers are always charged for the IT services they receive from the IT service provider organization
D. Internal customers purchase services from third-party suppliers by means of a legally binding contract or agreement

Correct Answer: A

ITIL® Foundation – Exam Test – Q292

What is a characteristic of a process?

A. It requires a specific tool
B. It is performance driven and measurable
C. It provides generic technical skills and resources
D. It does not react to a specific trigger

Correct Answer: B

ITIL® Foundation – Exam Test – Q291

Which is a reason why incident management interfaces with service level management?

A. To ensure that problem records are circulated to all customers
B. To ensure that the status of faulty configuration items (CI) is recorded
C. To ensure that incident resolution times are aligned with business needs
D. To ensure that incident workarounds are acceptable to the customers

Correct Answer: C

ITIL® Foundation – Exam Test – Q290

Which of the following is an example of proactive problem management?

A. Automated detection of an infrastructure or application fault, using event/alert tools automatically to raise an incident
B. Analysis of an incident by a technical support group which revels that an underlying problem exists, or is likely to exist
C. Suspicion or detection of a cause of one or more incidents by the service desk
D. Trending of historical incident records to identify one or more underlying causes

Correct Answer: B

ITIL® Foundation – Exam Test – Q289

What is the type of notification that should be sent when a threshold has been reached, something has changes or a failure has occurred?

A. an emergency change
B. an alert
C. an emergency event
D. a request for change

Correct Answer: B

ITIL® Foundation – Exam Test – Q288

Which statement about change management is CORRECT?

A. It optimizes overall business risk
B. It optimizes financial exposure
C. It ensures that all changes are authorized by the change advisory board (CAB)
D. It ensures that service requests follow the normal change management process

Correct Answer: C

ITIL® Foundation – Exam Test – Q287

Which tool helps with defining accountability and responsibility within processes?

A. A CSI register
B. A project charter
C. A RACI model
D. A communications plan

Correct Answer: C

ITIL® Foundation – Exam Test – Q286

Which is one of the five aspects of service design?

A. Management information systems and tools
B. Risk analysis and management approach
C. Management policy for business case creation
D. Corporate governance and policy

Correct Answer: A